About us.

Frank Seel - lighting designer

Simple, warm, inviting would be adjectives to describe the collection. Most of my work has been inspired by natural elements using different kinds of material such as steel, brass, mesh, gypsum or fabrics. I seek balance in my compositions: Providing adequate, pleasant light my lights are unique objects as well. All designs are my own, and the lighting is hand-made in limited series.

Frank Seel

The first steps for Fiat Lux Design were taken in 1999 with a number of light objects made of copper tubes. Soldering in a garden shed and working with different kind of materials resulted at the end of the year 2000 in the models cornucopia, liberty, nuts and golden swing. It still took a while to build up a collection of lighting and creating the website - in October 2003, the company officially launched. 2007 the shop and gallery atelier91 was opened in Amsterdam.

(latin: And then there was light!)


Meeters and Greeters Bar, Airport Aruba

San Siro Restaurant, Utrecht

Amrath Hotel, Tower suite, Amsterdam

De Portugees Restaurant, Amsterdam

Volkswagen Bank, Wolfsburg

Inris / Koele Interieurbouw, Wezep

wood creations, s'-Gravenzande

Gambit Advertising, Dortmund

Restaurant Mooii, Rotterdam

Club Noa, Leeuwarden