Floor Lamps

The original coffee bags (made from hemp) are decorated with interesting markings. floor lamp 9:30 h

Uplighting is another way for increasing the perceived volume of a space. In general portable lighting, such as floor lamps, is a great option for a living situation.

A floor lamp with an uplight added a room corner will make a room appear larger by adding mood and texture to the space. floor lamp winter

Floor lamps located next to a wall attract the eye and increase the sense of space. They can be used for ambient, task or accent lighting.
Floor lamps are the practical application of lighting where it is directly needed and are designed primarily for mood lighting and décor.

These lamps made of ostrich egss are a practical and a decorative way to illuminate your home. Simply plug it in and turn it on! floor lamps eggs

Floor lamp directing light upward, and reflecting it back down to provide indirect and ambient light. floor lighting samba

Modern stainless steel pendant lights and hanging fixture design. golf twin