Wall Lights and Sconces

Sconce light fixtures look elegant and can do a great job of casting light in a hallway, bathroom or near a bed. sconce liberty II

There are countless ways to use sconce lighting in your home. liberty

Sleek, urbane and cosmopolitan, this stainless steel wall light makes an elegant addition to your home's décor. design wall light golf up

Our sconces and wall lights will certainly provide illumination, but they will also create a mood with the lighting: warm and inviting, bright and friendly, dim and romantic.

The placement of light sources can easily affect one's interpretation of the room. Lighting can alter warm and cool tones as well as height and width perception. When installing sconce lighting, place them 180 to 200 cm high so they cast the right amount of light and do not impede a walkway. Putting wall sconces above the nightstand in the bedroom will give a soft light and also add a beautiful modern and stylish look to a room. Be aware of things near a sconce light. Will the light fixture interfere with a door that opens or a medicine-cabinet door? Will the sconce light be too close to either an inside or outside wall corner that could make the fixture look awkward and out of place?

Sconce lighting is a contemporary lighting design that is commonly used as accent lighting. Wall lights do not only provide functional lighting in rooms such as hallways or dining rooms, but also add stylish design.

As complementary ambient or task lights or simply to create layers of illumination, wall lights not only provide additional function, but add visual interest and enhance the design of your home.

Lighting wall sconces can be used outdoors as well as indoors. flamenco

A wall sconce light has to be properly sized and located at the proper height. clouds

These wall and ceiling lights add warmth and ambiance to a hallway or stairway, and it also provides a soft spotlight in bathrooms and sleeping rooms. wall lights ballet

A hallway is an ideal place for sconces and wall lighting, placed every few meters, they will adequately light the hallway creating a safer place to walk while adding sophistication and interest. calla II

Uplighting is another option for increasing the perceived volume of a space. nuts

Install sconces on either side of a mirror for a shadow-free and even illumination. wind

Wall sconces are classic light fixtures. Our stainless steel wall lighting adds subtle beauty to a room while providing the perfect amount of ambient illumination. calla

When you are buying your new wall lighting you also get the relevant hardware that allows you to mount it on the wall. clouds XL