Pendant Lights

Modern multi-pendant lights and decorative ambient light. multi-pendant lights cornucopia

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Modern mini-pendant lights and hanging fixture design. mini-pendant light eggs_solo

Modern stainless steel pendant lights and hanging fixture design. golf twin

Decorative modern brass multi-pendant lights and stainless steel hanging fixture design very effective over a kitchen island. swing

Modern pendant light in stainless steel and sleek hanging fixture design. golf

Pendant lighting is the ideal type of lighting fixture to have over your dining table, bar area and kitchen islands. Our lighting fixtures are hand-made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium or brass. These pendant lights are efficient in providing light since concentrated light is directed on the surface.

Design stainless steel pendant light and decorative ceiling hanging fixture. pendant light swing XL

Multi-pendant design lights stainless steel and hanging fixture. For an bigger impact and decorative ambient light we suggest hanging pendants in multiples creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for the kitchen. liberty solo

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Modern brass pendant light and decorative hanging fixture design. golden swing

How high do I hang a pendant light?

There is no definitive answer to this but the following pendant height tips will give you an idea. The recommended pendant height is that there should be a distance of about 70 to 90 cm between the bottom of the hanging chandelier and the surface of your table.
One of the best ways to decide upon the perfect height of your pendant light is to get someone else to sit down at the dinner table. The width and length of your table will help determine how high to hang it as well: a larger table can support a pendant being a bit higher, whereas a smaller table looks best with a lower-hung pendant.

When using pendants over an island in a kitchen be sure to hang them 75 cm above the surface in order to keep them off your eye level. When spacing pendants above an island, be sure to start 30 to 40 cm from either end and space them evenly throughout.
The height for mini-pendants should be 50 to 60 cm above the table or the kitchen.

Modern polyester pendant light which can become the centerpiece of a room. looks

Pendant lighting is a stylish, contemporary option for lighting your home and an alternative to more traditional ceiling mounted lighting. Pendant lights are often used in a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or any room in the home.

Mini-pendant lights are the most common type of pendant lighting. You often see mini-pendant lighting used as task lighting to add extra light to areas such as a kitchen island or a breakfast bar. They come in a variety of colors, designs and styles, and depending on the style, it can provide a sleek design, sparkle or dramatic lighting to an area. In addition, mini-pendant lighting adds stylish design to a home office over a desk.

Multi-light pendants or multiple single pendant lights are also a popular decorating technique. They add the functional light needed in those areas while also providing a way to add interest. They emit a generous spread of light and with the addition of a dimmer switch turn into an even more function piece, from bright direct task lighting to soft more subdued ambient lighting.